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Questions to ask before hiring an SEO firm

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of modern marketing. It helps businesses grow by increasing visibility among potential customers. 

If your business has not been taking advantage of the opportunities that come with Search Engine Optimization, now is the time to start learning more about it and implementing it into your marketing strategy. 

It is difficult to get the right marketing strategy without knowing what your target audience wants. Not all SEO firms are the same. They may claim they can help you achieve great SEO results, but the reality is that they might be using black hat tactics or misrepresenting their capabilities.

The way to do this is by asking questions and getting answers. There are some important things you should consider when hiring a firm that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. This article will provide you with a list of questions that you should ask before choosing a marketing strategy for your business.

1. What is your budget and timeline?

A good company will have a clear idea of how much they can spend and what your timeline is, before they set out on their project with you. This information will help them accurately determine the scope of work needed to achieve success for your marketing objectives, so you know what to expect.

2. Who is the target audience?

Your first task is to find out who your target audience is, then you can get a clearer idea about what you need.

3. Can we do this on a budget?

A good company will have a clear idea of how much they can spend and what your timeline is, before they set out on their project with you. This is where you need to be careful, as some companies will promise a lot and end up only delivering half the project.

4. Does this fit with our brand?

This one is obvious, but important to keep in mind when working with any company on your brand. When possible, it is best to work with companies that have been established for more than 5 years at least.

5. Is this company reputable?

This question is not as easy to answer as you may think. When in doubt, ask your friends and family who they would recommend. If you are working with a small company, the reputation of their other clients should be good indicator of how their work will turn out.

6. What is the process?

A good tip when finding a new company is to have a specific process in mind. Some companies specialize in one area, like social media or graphic design, while others are known for their online reputation or sales. You will know exactly what to expect when you work with them and that can be really helpful.

7. Are they flexible?

It’s important to request your company stay open with the possibility of working with you after their holiday hours. If they seem reluctant to do so, look elsewhere.

8. How are they with contests and promotions?

It’s all about the festive spirit at Woolly Things, which might come in handy for certain companies. Some companies would disqualify people from contests if they don’t adhere to the company’s policy on work-life balance.

Some companies will exclude people from a contest if they don’t work within the company because of their policy on work/life balance. The best thing to do is ask to be sure.

9. Do they have a good selection of products and pricing?

A company’s selection is as important as the policy for it can be one of the things that sets them apart from its competitors.

10. Who are their customers and how many are they?

Do some research on who the website’s typical customer is to see if any significant portion of the customer base is from specific areas. It will help you better understand what their values are, and whether they align with yours.

If you’re a business owner, you need to understand how search engines work and what your website needs to generate traffic. Hiring an expensive agency without understanding the basics of SEO can cost you a lot of money down the line.

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