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Best SEO tips

Important Tips for SEO:

In this highly competitive digital marketing world, businesses and companies are constantly competing for the attention of online internet users to increase their revenue. A big part of this is being able to reach new customers and internet search engines play a key role.

Search engines are where billions of people go to search for information. There are two popular search engine giants, Google and Yahoo. It’s crazy to think about how much traffic these internet companies get every hour.

As a result, companies would lean towards placing their links and sites to get more visits to their websites.

SEO or search engine optimization is a well-known but still promising way of increasing your website’s visibility online. It’s a natural process that mainly focuses on improving rankings in major search engine results pages.


Search engine optimization is a way of getting your site to show up in the search engine results at the top when someone looks for something (page ranking). This can be achieved by changing some content on the site, making it more user-friendly, and trying to spread the word about your business to other people through marketing and promotion.

To avoid illegal and abusive SEO practices, all search engines use highly sophisticated algorithms to maintain relevance. But it’s still possible that “black hat” (illegal/abusive) SEO makes its way into it.

Therefore, search engines like Google keep improving their algorithms to filter spam or junk from their search results.

This web spam is so prevalent that even universities are getting involved by hosting scholarship programs to combat the problem of high schoolers trying to fool Google’s algorithm into thinking they are college students.

Search engines display different kinds of listings on a result page. The more common ones are pay-per-click (PPC), adverts, paid inclusion, and organic listings. Of all these listings, SEO helps to rank websites organically in search, increasing the volume of visitors that are likely to purchase your products or service.

Ads free, organic searches are very common searches on the web by internet users. 

From a study done by Jupiter Media, it’s been found that 5 out of every 6 online purchases came from organic searches as opposed to paid online ads.

This has made SEO much more in demand for most companies because it’s not a paid advertisement but rather a way to improve your content and make money.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your SEO (result in organic searches):

1) Expertise

Follow your strengths. When you’re starting out with your own website, it’s important that you only do things you are an expert in. An amateur site will be pretty obvious to people in seconds.

2) Plan The Website

It’s important to have a good layout for your website so that it doesn’t frustrate the user. A well-designed website will likely increase usability.

3) Know Your Competition

Keep an eye on your competitors and see what they’ve done. Think about what you like and don’t like about the features that they offer, then see if it’s possible to get feedback from users in the forums, online groups, or online communities to see what can be improved.

4) Keywords for SEO

Think about the keywords you want to use before you start on your website. Include them in the metatags, title and header of every page, and keywords in file names.

5) The Search Engine is your friend

Search engines (e.g. Google) will be more forthcoming with additional information and make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. They offer free information on their platforms to reach the target audience.

6) Concentrate on SEO

Make sure you’re only focusing on one topic, not getting distracted. Making a rule that there’s only one task per page should help. It is an important SEO tip to improve your concentration.

7) Submit To Directories

Best SEO tips

Directories are collections of knowledge collected by humans, search engines are on the other hand mostly databases collected by machines. When you get your page submitted to a directory where it’s highly relevant, there is a greater chance people will find it. Make sure you read the guidelines though!

8) Linking for SEO

Linking is one of the most effective SEO methods. It is also one of the important SEO tips for you. If you want to grow your website’s reach, ask people you know to share your URL link on their social media accounts or on their own websites.

Best SEO tips

A short description can draw traffic from other sites and increase exposure. Google will rank you more highly if other sites link to your site. For example, a short description can bring in traffic from a variety of sites.

9) Repetition

Repetition is the golden rule. Keep repeating the above SEO tips, supporting and increasing what works. Change what does not as fast as possible until the desired result is achieved.

Good content is very important in the world of SEO. If a website has terrible, biased, or just false information, fewer and fewer web browsers will want to visit it. They will also spread bad news faster than good news so expect a bad website to plummet in search rankings in the next month. For the user, they want to find something quickly, understand what they’re getting and get a good return on their time. 

Best SEO tips

If a website takes them somewhere else too often or it’s hard to navigate, people will find it frustrating and decide to go elsewhere.

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