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10 Interesting Facts About Social Media

As we all know, Social media is a form of media and an Internet-based social networking service that enables users to share content such as text, images, videos, and live streaming media, as well as interact with each other.

Social media is a way for people to communicate with one another. It is also a form of marketing where companies can advertise their products or services to the public.

The first social network was which was launched in 1997. Facebook became the most popular social network in the world in 2017 and it has more than 1 billion active users per month. Now we have various platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc. they have their own huge followings.

Here are a few quick facts about Social Media

1) Social Media Increases ROI And Improves Results

With over 1.8 billion people using social media to share and connect, it is safe to say that it is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their ROI and increase results.

Question from a survey: 

What has been your experience using social media in marketing after the recent economic recession? 

62% of people from various fields have seen an increase in success when they use social media as the foundation of their campaign.

It is possible with effective Social media campaigns, better content, and a targeted audience approach.

2) Millions Of Photos On Instagram

More than one billion photographs were uploaded to Instagram in the year 2012. In addition to that, about 300 million images were transferred to this channel. it is a sound stage for picture takers, professionals, and authorities. The channel became relevant even more with the release of Instagram Stories – a feature that allows users to upload photographs, as well as short texts and drawings. 

When it comes to the number of followers on Instagram, Facebook is ahead. And by no coincidence, these two are also among the top three social networks worldwide. Instagram has a total of 1 billion active users, while Facebook has 1.9 billion and Twitter has 328 million users.

3) Small And Medium Businesses Getting Benefited

A survey of medium organizations found that 34% of these companies are utilizing web-based social networking as a showcasing apparatus though 27% of independent companies are participating. Most organizations believe that social networking is an imperative apparatus in showcasing diversion. 86% of the surveyed organizations use this apparatus to advertise.

Regardless of the size of a business, all companies have realized the power of various social media platforms to find new clients or customers. They are using platforms to increase their business income too.

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4) Mobile Devices Made Social Media More Active

With the rise of mobile devices, more content is being shared on social media. With the use of apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, users can easily share their thoughts with the world. This has led to a change in how people communicate.

Around 161 million minutes a month are spent on portable online networking applications around the globe. Indeed, according to gossip, individuals have more cell phones than toothbrushes.

5) Deals On Social Media

Social media platforms are not just for socializing. They can also be used to promote your business and get more deals. 

A recent study has found that companies are getting more attention from social media channels. The study found that 67% of Facebook users have followed a company’s page just to receive a coupon that offers 25% off. It also found that around 28% show their adoration through social media channels.

6) Games To Earn Money

Video game streaming has been growing in popularity for years and continues to do so. You might not expect that you will think of something great when you hear someone talking about playing games online, but it can happen. So, although past research found that most web-based amusement players have present or higher-level training. 44% of them are employed, and 78% of individuals taking an interest in online diversions have a college degree or higher. 44% of them make more than $50K yearly.

7) Twitter

Almost one million Twitter accounts are created, and 340 million tweets are posted daily. Using Twitter can be an extremely useful and helpful asset to most companies.

8) Social Media Usage Differences

It is accounted for that women, for the most part, utilize Pinterest while men utilize Google+. Pinterest is an energizing group in which you can share your thoughts through pictures while with Google+ you have more alternatives for sharing your contemplation, for example, pictures, recordings, and articles.

9) Facebook Remains Unsurpassed

One out of at regular intervals spent online is utilized to surf, remark, offer, and like pictures, presents, and recordings transferred on Facebook. In fact, you can triple the traffic to your website overnight. If you can identify your audience on Facebook and post things, they are interested in.

10) Jobs on LinkedIn

One client joins LinkedIn’s expert system each minute of a day. The site is utilized by over 60% of the general population to look for employment, apply to work, or fabricate their expert systems.

These were ten interesting facts about social media that you must know to use to your advantage. There are other facts like this. Do share with us if you have come across any.

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